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Lawyer Hub 1 Refined 2.jpg

The Lawyer Hub is all about flexibility and managing your own time, workload and earnings.

As a consultant you are free to choose your own clients and caseload and work as much or as little as like.

Work from home, co-working space or the local coffee shop and meet clients where you like.

With The Lawyer Hub providing professional indemnity insurance, fully supported IT platforms and infrastructure, full functionality VOiP phone system, laptop and scanner, case magement system, cashiering and accounts, holiday cover, COLP and COFA, ongoing training and professional development all our consultants have to think about is practising.

There are no teams to manage and no corporate game to play, just the freedom to be a lawyer in your practice area working with the clients you choose.


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As a Lawyer Hub consultant you come under the regulatory umbrella of Axis Professional Services Limited a fully fledged ABS authorised and regulated by the SRA providing legal and professional services.

Your billings are shared with the retained portion covering overheads, support and regulation.  The bulk of the billings are yours.

What's more we work on a "pay when paid" basis so your share is paid to you as soon as your client settles a bill.

Lawyer Hub 1 Refined 2.jpg
Lawyer Hub 1 Refined 2.jpg


Lawyer Hub 1 Refined 2.jpg

The Lawyer Hub means different things to different people but above all it's a community not a firm.

That means you have the support and friendship but without the politics and targets.

We encourage referrals between members and referral fees are paid.  We don't dictate charge out rates leaving our consultants free to decide how much to charge and how to structure their charging.

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