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Knowing which customers to trade with, how much credit to extend them and how many days to give them to pay are crucial in determining the levels of risk within your sales ledger.

Get it wrong and your cash simply doesn't flow. Every £1 your customers don't pay or pay late is £2 you need to replace that debt if you are working at a 50% margin. At 5% margin it's £20. As prevention is better than cure it's always better to understand customer risk before you start trading and match the right credit terms to the risk the customer presents.


Our credit risk solution covers:

Customer onboarding

Know Your Customer (KYC) and fraud avoidance from knowledge and intelligence.

Credit account underwriting

Setting appropriate credit limits.

Ledger management

Ongoing customer monitoring and performance.

All our credit risk services are available as stand alone services or part of a package.


Richard Antipas

Richard is a founding director of Axis Professional and a member of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management. He has held senior credit positions during a thirty year career in credit and receivables risk and management. Richard heads up our credit and risk products and services

01270 696790

Looking for a credit and risk solution?


Price Plans

There are price plans to suit SMEs and corporates starting from £250 per month.

Services are available on a "dip in dip out" basis, for short term cover such as maternity leave or fully resourced and white labelled on a permanent basis.

Why Outsource ?

Outsourcing credit and risk management means you get the highest skill levels delivering best in class performance on a flexible basis without increasing headcount.

Cost Negative

We believe our services are cost negative. We will reduce your risk and increase your ledger performance meaning our services more than pay for themselves.